After repeated requests, has finally been completely redone so that I can update it frequently. In the past, it was made of static HTML pages and I had to wait until I had a large collection of new images before updating the site. With the new site design, however, I can now post your pieces of Rainbow Puke art on a far more regular basis! On top of that, now all of you can share your comments right here on the site. If you like a particular piece of Rainbow Puke art, be sure to drop a comment in the thread!

RainbowPuke exists so that fans of puking rainbows have a place to make their collective voices heard. In this celebration of the greatest dichotomy, you don’t have to be an artist to join in the wave of multi-colored vomit that’s sweeping the world. Simply email us at your best attempt at a drawing of a rainbow puking up a rainbow of colors and we’ll post it here on for everybody to see.

Rainbow Puke by -RoG-


For those of you who want to see the original seven pages worth of Rainbow Puke artwork, you can view them at the following links: [page1] [page 2] [page 3] [page 4] [page 5] [page 6] [page 7]

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